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Anthony Margherita, MD is a board-certified Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation specialist practicing spine, sports and musculoskeletal medicine in the West County area.  He earned his MD from Georgetown University and completed his residency at the University of California-Davis, followed by academic appointments at the University of Washington and Washington University in St. Louis.  After 14 years in academic medicine, he founded West County Spine & Sports Medicine where he uses a patient-centered approach to diagnosis and management that incorporates biomechanical principles and functional rehabilitation strategies into all treatment plans.  He lectures nationally on spine, sports and musculoskeletal medicine and pain mechanisms, has extensive clinical research experience, and has published numerous scholarly articles.

Dr. Margherita joined the St Louis Physician Alliance to collaborate with other area physicians and to share patient referrals.  He is always accessible to referring physicians regarding clinical questions or consultations regarding complex cases.  To reach him, call 314-432-4999 or visit

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