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As the first ASC in the state of Missouri to offer the da Vinci robotic-assisted minimally invasive surgery outside of a hospital setting, St. Louis Surgical Center, launched this advanced technology in February 2019 at its Creve Coeur location. Utilized by ob/gyns, general surgeons and urologists, the da Vinci Si Surgical System increases productivity, improves care coordination, increases patient satisfaction, and has a higher nurse-to-patient ratio, all of which lead to reduced expense, reduced risk of infection and convenience for patients. The surgeons at St Louis Surgical Center have performed hernia repairs, gyn procedures, urological procedures and other general surgeries using da Vinci with great outcomes. 

St. Louis Surgical Center’s da Vinci system is a 4-armed robot that makes extremely small incisions. There are no extra charges to a patient or to payers (including Medicare) for use of this technology. When performed in a hospital setting, overnight stays are required but in the ASC setting, there is no overnight requirement. St. Louis Surgical Center has overnight accommodations available for any patient if needed. 

If you’re interested in learning more about performing da Vinci procedures or sending your patients for da Vinci procedures, please contact St Louis Surgical Center at 314-995-4700.

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