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Karen Goodhope, MD, FACR Paula George, MD, MA of Central Radiology Group offer expertise in many areas of radiology including CT, ultrasound, musculoskeletal MRI, general MRI and breast imaging including breast biopsy 2207and breast MRI.  Dr. Goodhope completed a fellowship in Nuclear Medicine and Dr. George completed her fellowship training in body imaging including musculoskeletal MRI.

Successful in an exclusively outpatient environment for more than a decade, Dr. Goodhope & Dr. George provide customized service to fit physician and patient needs. Their ongoing quality assurance program ensures continuous improvement and overall excellence in all aspects of medical care including customer service, report turnaround time and quality of interpretation. They joined SLPA to be on the frontier of medical networking. To reach Dr. Goodhope and Dr. George, call Midwest Breast Care Center at 314-567-4449 or Imaging Partners of St. Peters at 636-229-4247.

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