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The St. Louis Physician Alliance would like to salute 115 of our physician members who were recently named to the 2018 “Best Doctors” list that appears in the August 2018 issue of St. Louis Magazine. These SLPA physicians represent more than 25 specialties.

Barry Abramson MD – Gastroenterology

Susan Adams MD – Internal Medicine

Levent Akduman MD – Ophthalmology/Retina

Asim Ali MD – Internal Medicine

Stephen Allen MD – Medical Oncology

Jason Amato MD – Dermatology

Josh Amato MD – Ophthalmology

Patricia Amato MD – Pediatrics

Mira Aubuchon MD – Obstetrics & Gynecology

Sean Bailey MD – Otolaryngology

David Benage MD – Gastroenterology

George Bohigian MD – Ophthalmology

Gregory Botteron MD – Cardiology

James Boyd MD – Otolaryngology

Richard Brennan MD – Obstetrics & Gynecology

Sirisha Brosch MD – Long term care

Kathleen Brunts MD – Internal Medicine

James Burke MD – Orthopedic Surgery

Edward Burns MD – Palliative Medicine

Michael Cannon MD – Family Medicine

Charles Carey MD – Cardiology

Jeffrey Carter MD – Anesthesiology

Kathleen Cizek MD – Internal Medicine

Randall Clary MD – Pediatric Otolaryngology

Henry Clever III MD – Dermatology

Damon Clines MD – Gastroenterology

James Compton MD – Internal Medicine

Joseph Craft MD – Cardiology

Juan Cuevas MD – Medical Oncology

Brent Davidson MD – Ophthalmology

Ray Davis MD – Pediatric Allergy

Sunny Desai MD – Internal Medicine

Gerry Deschamps MD – Pediatrics

Dennis Disch MD – Cardiology

Richard DiValerio MD – Rheumatology

David Dobmeyer MD – Cardiology

Michael Donahoe MD – Ophthalmology

Matthew Dougherty MD – Pediatrics

Michael Fedak MD – Internal Medicine

Steven Fern DO – Gastroenterology

James Forsen MD – Pediatric Otolaryngology

John Galanis MD – Ophthalmology

Paula George MD – Radiology

Joseph Gira MD – Ophthalmology

David Glaser MD – Ophthalmology/Retina

Jackie Grosklos MD – Cardiology

Robert Hagan MD – Hand Surgery & Plastic Surgery

David Hartenbach MD – Pediatrics

James Hartman MD – Otolaryngology

Steven Harvey MD – Psychiatry/TMS

Thomas Hastings MD – Internal Medicine

Jacques Herzog MD – Otolaryngology/Neurotology

Craig Hildreth MD – Medical Oncology

John Holds MD – Ophthalmology

Craig Holzem MD – Family Medicine

George Hruza MD – Dermatology

Richard Hulsey MD – Orthopedic Surgery

Steven Jacobson MD – Internal Medicine

Robert Kletzker MD – Otolaryngology/Neurotology

John Krause MD – Orthopedic Surgery

Jeffrey Kreikemeier MD – Gastroenterology

James Kriegshauser MD – Internal Medicine

Senthil Krishnasamy MD – Ophthalmology

Timothy Lang MD – Hand Surgery

Steven Lee MD – Ophthalmology

Gary Maasen MD – Internal Medicine

Josh Madden MD – Pediatrics

Gary Marklin MD – Pulmonary Medicine

Jeffrey Mathews MD – Gastroenterology

Clark McKenzie MD – Interventional Cardiology

Sean McLaughlin MD – Internal Medicine

Kirk Morey MD – Ophthalmology

Govind Nagaldinne MD – Internal Medicine

Karen Norton MD – Pediatrics

Jay Patel MD – Urology

Darren Pearson MD – Internal Medicine

Rebecca Peck MD – Dermatology

Clayton Perry MD – Orthopedic Surgery

James Perschbacher MD – Cardiology

Brian Peterson MD – Vascular Surgery

Gary Peterson MD – Vascular Surgery

Stephen Pieper MD – Cardiac Electrophysiology

Giancarlo Pillot MD – Medical Oncology

Michael Presti MD – Gastroenterology

Frederic Pugliano MD – Otolaryngology

Peter Putnam MD – Pediatrics

Richard Rames MD – Orthopedic Surgery

Hashim Raza MD – Internal Medicine & Geriatrics

Sheryl Ream MD – Family Medicine & Pediatrics

Paul Robiolio MD – Cardiology

David Robson MD – Orthopedic Surgery

Barry Rosenblum MD – Otolaryngology

Andrew Rouse MD – Orthopedic Surgery

J Mauricio Sanchez MD – Cardiology

Joseph Schachter MD – Pediatrics

Edward Schlafly MD – Orthopedic Surgery

Athmaram Shetty MD – Internal Medicine

Robert Shuman MD – Gastroenterology

Allen Soffer MD – Cardiology

Randall Sterkel MD – Pediatrics

Maureen Stoffa MD – Internal Medicine

Mark Stroble MD – Otolaryngology

Pedro Suarez-Solar MD – Hospitalist

Lisa Suffian MD – Pediatric Allergy & Immunology

Navin Tekwani MD – Ophthalmology

Kristen Terrill MD – Pediatrics

Carla Territo MD – Ophthalmology/Retina

Frank Thomas MD – Orthopedic Surgery

Janet Todorczuk MD – Gastroenterology

Stanley Vriezelaar MD – Internal Medicine

Harry Wadsworth MD – Endocrinology

Fred Williams MD – Gastroenterology

R Jerome Williams MD – Internal Medicine

Jeffrey Wright MD – Allergy & Immunology

Paul Young MD – Neurosurgery

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