We are committed to standing up for our values and promoting a culture of integrity.

Our ethics and compliance program supports everyone who acts on behalf of St. Louis Physician Alliance and SLPA ACO in making decisions that align with our mission and values. The program also helps ensure that everyone understands and complies with all related laws and policies as outlined in our Standards of Conduct. Without exception, these standards apply to every colleague, ACO participant, provider, governing board member and our corporate board of directors.  This charter requires that all colleagues follow our Standards of Conduct, participate in annual compliance training, address issues of concern with our compliance leaders and contact the Ethics Action Line if issues are not resolved.

Our ethics program is managed by Lisa Crutchfield, Tenet Healthcare’s ACO Compliance Officer, in accordance with Tenet’s Quality, Compliance and Ethics Program Charter.

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For anonymous compliance reporting please contact Tenet Ethics Action Line which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For additional resources for our Compliance Program please refer to: